The polling party will walk three days in Himachal Pradesh and 13 kilometres with know about Himachal Pradesh weather
The polling party will walk three days in Himachal Pradesh and 13 kilometres with know about Himachal Pradesh weather (image by ET via ANI)

The polling party will walk three days in Himachal Pradesh and 13 kilometres with know about Himachal Pradesh weather

So, the announcement for the Lok Sabha elections dates has been made in the country. In the mountainous state of Himachal Pradesh, voting is scheduled for June 1st, the seventh and final phase. Conducting the election process here amidst the challenging mountain conditions poses no small challenge for the Election Commission. Nevertheless, preparations are already underway.

More than 50,000 employees have been deployed to facilitate voting at 7,990 polling booths in Himachal Pradesh. In the remote district of Chamba in Himachal Pradesh, there are two booths where the polling party will face the challenge of a 13-kilometer trek to reach the booth. Under the Bharmaur assembly constituency, reaching the Ayhelmi booth will require a 13-kilometer hike. There are only 183 voters in this area.

Similarly, for the Chakki booth under the Bharmour assembly constituency, the polling party will have to undertake a 13-kilometer trek. Here, there are only 135 voters, and both polling booths are located 13 kilometers away from the nearest road, making access challenging due to rugged terrain.

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Three days will be required to reach Bada Bhangal on foot

Under the Baijnath assembly constituency in the Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh lies the area of Bada Bhangal. While the Election Commission usually relies on helicopters to reach Bada Bhangal, if landing conditions aren’t favorable, polling parties must undertake a three-day journey through rugged roads to reach the area. With just 65 voters, completing the journey to Bada Bhangal requires a three-day trek.

Similarly, under the Fatehpur assembly seat in the Kangra district, polling officials need to take a boat to reach the Sath Kutheda polling booth. This polling booth, located near the Paong Dam, can only be accessed by boat, covering a distance of approximately 5.5 kilometers.

Here, there are 97 voters. In Lahaul-Spiti district of Himachal Pradesh, a polling station has been set up at an altitude of 15,256 feet for just 52 voters, making it the highest polling station in the world.

Manish Garg, Chief Electoral Officer of Himachal Pradesh, assures that the Election Commission is committed to conducting free and fair elections. The Election Commission is working to ensure every citizen’s equal right to vote in the state. He acknowledged the challenges faced by polling parties but expressed confidence in their resilience.

Therefore, the State Election Commission hopes, as with every election, that this time too, the elections will be conducted with complete impartiality. Every voter will have an equal opportunity to participate in this grand festival of democracy.

The weather in Himachal Pradesh is gearing up for a change once again! With the active Western Disturbance of lower intensity, snowfall is expected in the higher regions.

According to the Meteorological Center in Shimla, there’s a possibility of snowfall in the elevated areas of the state due to the active Western Disturbance from March 21. However, this disturbance is of lower intensity, so its impact might not be widespread across the entire state.

Dr. Surendra Paul, the director of the Meteorological Center in Shimla, mentioned that the weather is likely to change again after March 20. From March 21 to March 23, another Western Disturbance will be active. Its impact will be observed in the higher altitude areas, where snowfall is expected. Cloud cover is predicted in most areas of the state during March 21 to March 23, which might lead to a slight drop in temperature.

Dr. Surendra Paul also stated that the weather will remain clear in the next 48 hours. From March 21, the Western Disturbance will become active, affecting the higher altitude areas. During this period, districts like Lahaul Spiti, Kinnaur, Kullu, and Shimla’s higher regions might experience snowfall. He further added that the weather in the state has cleared up these days, bringing the maximum and minimum temperatures back to normal. However, warmer days are expected in the coming days.

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