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IPL 2024: Hardik Pandya speaks out the Mumbai Indians Captaincy dispute

IPL 2024: Hardik Pandya speaks out the Mumbai Indians Captaincy dispute

IPL 2024: Hardik Pandya speaks out the Mumbai Indians Captaincy dispute
IPL 2024: Hardik Pandya and rahit sharma image by ANI via IPL)

Prior to the forthcoming Indian Premier League (IPL) games, head coach Mark Boucher and newly appointed Mumbai Indians captain Hardik Pandya spoke at a news conference. Boucher stated that he had never considered leading that team when he first began his career.

It’s amazing; this is where my adventure started, and I never imagined that ten years later, I would be in charge of this group. ‘It feels extremely wonderful,’ Pandya responded in a news conference when questioned about his new job as Mumbai’s captain.

Before joining the Gujarat Titans in 2022, Pandya won four titles with the Mumbai Indians after making his IPL debut in 2015. After rejoining the Mumbai Indians, Pandya took Rohit Sharma’s role as captain.

Pandya stated, “I don’t let success get to my head, nor do I let failure pull me down,” in response to a question on captaincy. It’s my method, and I think it’s really helped me in my work.”

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It won’t be any different since Rohit Sharma will always be there for me whenever I need his assistance. It also helps me that he is the Indian captain because it is under his guidance that this team has accomplished everything. It will now be my duty to carry on what he started, Pandya declared.

When asked if he had received any advice when he was younger, Pandya replied, “My brother told me to just be myself; it was easy. It’s a big stage, with a lot of people and eyes on you. You’re here because you’re good enough, according to my brother, which is why you are. I’ve since concentrated on having fun, being loyal to myself, and just playing the game. I want the kids in the changing room to understand this message.”

“I’m very excited to reunite with Polly and Malinga,” Pandya added, expressing his excitement at seeing the two players who were a part of the team that won five IPL titles again. I’m looking forward to the next season since it’s been amazing so far.”

“Coming back felt amazing, returning to where it all began, and the journey continues,” Pandya said, extending his gratitude to the team for their support. The welcome was amazing, really lively, and full of enthusiasm.”

“In this IPL, I’ll become an all-rounder and try to finish and win games as much as possible,” Pandya responded when questioned about his position on the club.

Pandya commented, “This year, we are fortunate to have Jasprit Bumrah available, firing on all cylinders,” in reference to the player’s availability this season. I can’t wait to see him fully recovered and to inspire the camp’s young people.”

“Rohit is in outstanding form, and I am really eager to work with him and express myself,” coach Boucher said.

Speaking on Nuwan Tushara and Malinga together, Boucher remarked, “They’re a heavenly pair—they come from the same country and have similar actions.” Malinga is Nuwan’s ideal coach, and I believe that both of them are in a fantastic place.

As he sat next to head coach Mark Boucher, Pandya revealed that he intended to bowl in the 2024 Indian Premier League. Pandya had been out of the series for a while, and there was doubt about his ability to bowl in the series.

Pandya expressed his happiness with his level of fitness, saying he is fully well and prepared to play in the forthcoming IPL 2024 season.

The reigning champion Chennai Super Kings (CSK) will play Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) at the M.A. Chidambaram Stadium on March 22 to begin the 2024 Indian Premier League.

On Sunday, March 24, the Mumbai Indians will kick off their season against the Gujarat Titans, who finished second last year.

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