14 Top interesting story about Lionel Messi in 2024


14 Top interesting story about Lionel Messi in 2024
14 Top interesting story about Lionel Messi in 2024 image by instagram

Café Prima Pasta, located in the centre of Miami, instantly creates an ambiance with its soft red lighting and dance music. Although Lionel Messi has been with Prima Pasta for more than ten years, one of his most memorable moments was celebrated on July 13th of last year, when he reached a new milestone. He went viral when he arrived in America.

Prima Pasta was already a local favourite in Miami, but since then, it has been known as Messi’s go-to eatery in the city, according to an Athletic report.

In addition, a resident who works as a barber had better luck after seeing Messi. It’s said that during this meeting, a travelling artist was inspired by Messi’s World Cup success and used that motivation to create works of art that are highly regarded.

Global attention was drawn to Messi’s July visit to Prima Pasta, where security was trying to keep things regular while Messi and his family dined nearby. That evening, 30-year-old barman Angelo Axion told The Athletic, “Messi just strolled in through the front door.” “The patrons here were initially unaware that he had entered. Many customers began to wait for him as soon as they noticed him.”

Baganasko has painted murals of Messi and Maradona all around the world. Together with the building’s owner, 67-year-old Argentine and well-known Miami developer Gustavo Mikulichki of Block Capital Group, Baganasko developed the idea for the Wynwood murals.

“It was Gustavo’s idea,” Baganasko claimed to The Athletic. “He wanted it to read ‘Welcome to Miami.'” It was about picturing Messi playing for Inter Miami and embracing him. This is the world champion, Messi. We currently have this Messi, and he is the one who everyone adores.”

14 Top interesting story about Lionel Messi in 2024
14 Top interesting story about Lionel Messi in 2024 image by instagram

Prima Pasta’s 57-year-old owner, Cia, disclosed that her restaurant features guitars autographed by famous artists such as Eric Clapton, Lenny Kravitz, and René Pérez, better known as Resident.

And Cia has a guitar signed by the late Gustavo Cerati, the Argentine rock musician who used to attend Prima Pasta until he passed away in 2014. As stated in the story, Cia also possesses a Gibson guitar autographed by Inter Miami number 10 after becoming acquainted with Messi’s family.

The Athletic was informed by Cia that “Leo is always very nice.” “His family has been coming here for the past 12 years,” she continued, adding that this was only his third visit. They never seem to be stressed and are usually grinning. Never an issue. Simply lovely individuals.”

It’s getting easier to spot Messi in Miami these days, whether he’s at a club, a coffee shop, or his oldest son Thiago’s birthday celebration. Thiago plays for Inter Miami’s U12 academy.

Luis Andrés Rivera, a Miami-based Puerto Rican businessman, goes by the handle El Bori Barber on social media. His life took a drastic turn last summer when he started working as Messi’s personal barber.

Wynwood’s Rivera’s Destiny Barber Studio has a sleek, modern aesthetic with three black leather-upholstered chairs and a well-chosen salsa music selection to create a festive atmosphere. Regarding his experiences, Rivera has been quiet, making vague allusions to confidentiality agreements he may have signed with Messi’s group.

Rivera has gotten a lot of inquiries from the media since he posted a picture of himself with Messi on Instagram in August of last year; he has turned them all down. He holds out the WhatsApp messages he sent and received from Messi with pride, but he soon puts his phone away and says he can’t talk about anything else.

Rivera, 29, was born and raised in Patillas, a seaside town in southeast Puerto Rico. Currently, he lives in San Juan. “Man, Miami is my life,” declares Rivera. “I became a well-known barber when I moved here. Here is where I found my clients. Have confidence in yourself if you work hard and maintain discipline here. Everything revolves around Miami.”

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